Student Wishes Cyberbullies Would Send Hand-Written Letters Instead

MIDDLETOWN, CT –   With the rise of social media in the past decade, cyberbullying has become a widespread problem in schools and college campuses. Katie Alvarez ’19, a victim of cyberbullying, has one word for her haters: authentic communication.

   “Oftentimes, bullies will send me hateful messages on the Internet, but the most damaging part is just how impersonal they really are,” Alvarez said. “When I read stuff like, ‘Go to hell you stupid bitch,’ the tone and nuance of the message is completely lost and I feel like the bully didn’t put any time into communicating with me. I miss the days when people harassed me with hand-written notes they took the time to craft and really develop.”

   Alvarez blames her generation’s obsession with texting and Twitter for her bullies’ insensitive method of communication.

   “Sometimes the hate I receive seems like it’s from complete strangers. I don’t really feel like I know them, truly,” Alvarez said. “It would also be nice to check my mailbox once in a while and see I got a letter. That always makes my day.”

   Hopefully, Alvarez’s detractors will take the hint, and be the bigger people by resorting back to a more thoughtful vehicle of hate.

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