Donald Trump Jr. Wishes His Father Would Talk About Wanting to Fuck Him More

Donald Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, and son of the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, just wishes that his father would talk a little more about fucking him.

“I really don’t think it’s that much to ask,” Trump said. “I campaign for him every day. I gave a riveting speech for him at the convention. I’m his first born.”

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has made multiple comments on his sexual attraction to his daughter, business woman Ivanka Trump.

“He’s always talking about how hot Ivanka is and how much he wants to fuck her. I guess it’s just a little sibling rivalry, but I just wish he’d talk a little less about wanting to fuck her and a little more about wanting to fuck me. I would be pretty happy with just a little expression of attraction. Not a full on declaration of intent to fuck like he does with my sister. Maybe that would be a little much.”

Trump began to laugh, and said, “At least I’m not my brother. Dad forgets his name sometimes.”

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