Student with Trump 2016 Sign Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends Anyway

MIDDLETOWN, CT – It was reported this morning on the eve of what may be the most contentious election cycle in American history that a student named Christopher James ’19 living in Hewitt hall displayed a Trump 2016 sign outside his window. When The Groundhog investigated, it was found that he actually feels indifferent toward Trump.

“I don’t actually like him very much,” he said. “I’m not planning on voting tomorrow. I just don’t really want to make any more friends and I think this is the most concrete way to make sure that happens.”

The Groundhog spoke with Alicia Pine ’19, a neighbor of James who was outraged to see the sign. “I can not believe that I’m living on the same hall as a Trump supporter,” she said. “He seemed like a pretty nice guy. I am just so shocked. I’ll definitely be avoiding him.”

When asked what he thought of Pine’s reaction, Christopher said, “Clearly it’s working.”


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