Ivanka Trump Still Undecided

It was reported this morning that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the Republican nominee for president, is still undecided in her vote for president. An avid orator for her father, Ivanka has travelled the country trying to convince voters to choose her father, but Ivanka is still unsure which candidate she plans to choose.

“I mean, on one hand I could participate in a historic election and a great moment in history by voting for the first female president. Not only that, but someone who is far more aligned with my interests and beliefs. On the other hand my father is pretty much my whole brand.”

The businesswoman heavily relies on her last name for marketing and branding purposes, much like her father.

“I mean, I’ve considered just taking Trump out of my name and keeping my husband’s name, but that would just be a dick move. He is my dad. No matter how much he talks about wanting to have sex with me.”


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