Heartwarming: Students Meet, Date, Marry, Have Child, Retire, and Die in Wes Station Package Line

MIDDLETOWN, CT – Love can transcend most bounds it seems, even the long-ass wait in the Wes Station line. Students Jacqueline Palmer ’49 and Roy Carver ’48 reportedly died this morning waiting in the Wes Station line for their packages. A heart melting story of love and loss, Palmer and Carver met in line while waiting to receive packages from their respective parents (also deceased). The couple reportedly began dating while in line, opting for a more genuine face to face interaction rather than the standard online interactions of today’s world that seem to be taking the love out of relationships. Also because phones did not exist when they first met in 1947.

Initially, the couple promised to wait until gay people could marry (or, leaving the Wes Station line, whichever came first). But, after extensive thought and loss of hope for ever leaving the line, the couple finally married, settling for a simple wedding without overextended invitations to long distance family members, instead surrounded with complete strangers.

The best man, Christopher Fredrick ’50 (reportedly still waiting in line), said, “It was such a beautiful ceremony. I mean, I don’t really know either of them very well, we literally met in line, but, wow, to just elope like that? Without telling your family? Marvelous.”

After much hesitation from the couple over having a child due to their tricky financial situation and continued standing in Wes Station line, they yelled a hearty “No” to everyone’s expectations over them and had their first child. The couple decided to homeschool the child, teaching him everything they had learned up until that fateful day they stepped in line.

After toying with various ideas of where to settle down in their old age, the French countryside, Palmer’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, or disappearing somewhere in the Himalayas, the couple decided instead to stay in line.

Carver was quoted as saying, “We just thought it made the most financial choice. We chose a life of love and happiness, not wealth. This is just what we could do with what we have and I think we’re both very happy.”

The couple passed within minutes of each other, unfortunately just as they reached the front of line.

Matteo James ’50, who was standing behind the couple, said, “Thank God, I thought I’d never reach the front.” He died shortly after giving this statement.


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