Trump Attempts to Tweet Out Executive Order Before Start of Term

At 3:22 am, early Friday morning, President-Elect ostensibly implemented an executive order, writing on twitter: “Any comments saying or implyng tht my hands are small are now punishable by law. #ExecOrder”

At 11:47 am this morning, Trump again tweeted. This time writing: “Legislation cen now be implemented on the Twitter. Effective Now and applied retroactively. #ExecOrder”

A spokesperson for the Trump administration released a statement shortly after the second tweet: “The Trump administration wants it to be known that we will be acting decisively and prolifically. The administration is dismayed with the gridlock in Washington so in an effort to hasten the passing of legislation, President Trump will be acting unilaterally on Twitter to enact all legislation.”

A top legal scholar at the Brookings Institute commented on the situation: “As far as I know, using twitter to enact legislation has no legal precedent. Moreover, the president-elect cannot enact any legislation before he is inaugurated.” To this, Trump responded with a tweet saying “Also, this bozo is goin to jail 4ever #ExecOrder.”

President Obama tweeted at 1:22pm: “@Trump, I’m still president #littlehands”

It is yet to be seen the ramifications that this executive order will have on the American public.


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