Freshman Boy Swears He’s Always Been Into Skateboarding

MIDDLETOWN, CT – Kevin Peterson, freshman and newest addition to the skater scene at Wesleyan, is adamant that it’s always been one of his passions. “Skating? Oh, uh, yeah, big fan. Always have been” says Peterson. “Like Tony Hawk?” Peterson refused to answer any more questions, instead running away awkwardly with his board in hand, always looking like he might be about to jump on.

His roommate Kyle Burrows ‘20 admitted that he’d never seen Peterson with a skateboard before a few weeks ago. “Kev never really struck me as a skater type, really. But now it’s all he talks about. Won’t go anywhere without his longboard, even if it’s uphill.” When questioned, Burrows pinpointed exactly when his roommate’s new phase started. “Now that you mention it”, he noted, “I think it was around the time he picked up a long, board-shaped package from Usdan.”

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