22 Sex Tips To Make You A Little Less Disappointing

  1. Get your RA involved.
  2. Sensory deprivation can be a kinky pleasure. Put a bag over both of your heads.
  3. Recycle.
  4. Play your latest Soundcloud track to get the mood going.
  5. Spank him with your high school yearbook.
  6. Make use of the thesis carrels – the sound of seniors crying only makes it hotter.
  7. Get creative with the dirty talk and freestyle rap.
  8.  Hold a seance and make it a threesome.
  9. Make eye contact with your Chance the Rapper poster.
  10. Have an orgy by yourself.
  11. Most nerve endings per square inch are in the ear. Rub earlobes sensually, like milking a cow.
  12. Proposition them over WesAdmits.
  13. Have a wasp sting your dick until it’s big enough to satisfy.
  14. Eat a condom so you’re protected from within.
  15. Get rough. Punch him in the face and steal his wallet.
  16. Put your sex tape on Film Series.
  17. Jazz hands.
  18. Ask if she can feel the difference when you wiggle your ears.
  19. Butt to butt action.
  20. Do that trick where you kneel and put your knees on your shoes so you seem small like a child and surprise her with your ability to fuck like a man.
  21. Communication is key. Check in with her by repeating, “Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?”
  22. Wait until the end to start crying.

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