Drawing Students Assigned to ‘Doodle Their Naughty Bits’ but Would Prefer If You Didn’t Phrase It That Way

MIDDLETOWN, CT – Anybody moderately familiar with the Intro to Studio Art class offered at Wesleyan knows that at the end of the semester, all of the students within the class are to sharpen their pencils and very intently doodle their naughty bits as accurately as possible so that the instructor may have a look at them. What sounds like a very awkward and invasive assignment has been widely praised by those who take the course.

“Aspiring artists gain a lot from doing nude self portraits, including a valuable level of introspection and a continued mastery of drawing the human form” says Studio Art major Talia Radden when she was asked to describe the benefits of the assignment. But when asked what was harder, doodling the naughty bits of another person or your own nether regions, Radden responded by saying “That’s…that’s an incredibly immature way to put it.”

   When the Groundhog staff reiterated that the phrasing was technically correct though, and also asked if she ever thought of adding dope tats to her body just to fuck with the professor, the interview was abruptly ended. We hope to follow up on this issue more in the coming months.


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