5 Forms of Eye Contact That Still Don’t Count as Consent

MIDDLETOWN, CT – “Darty” season is quickly approaching, a time when Fountain flourishes at all times of day and students can freely have sex outdoors again. While you’re scoping for a potential sexual partner, just remember that your creepy eye contact from across the darty doesn’t actually count as consent!

  1. Accidental eye contact, usually from across the room. Sorry, this person probably didn’t even mean to make eye contact with you in the first place! You should just leave them alone.
  2. Eye contact while dancing kind of near them. You might think this is a clear invitation to go over and grind like a maniac on your potential partner, but hold your horses maybe!
  3. “Flirty” eye contact. Here’s an idea: why don’t you try actual flirting?
  4. A blink that halfway looked like a wink. Sorry, bud!
  5. No eye contact at all. Wow! You probably just started rubbing yourself on someone before they could even see your face! Just stay home next time!

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