Local Hero Uses Exley’s Manual Door

MIDDLETOWN, CT — Max Brookson ’20, prospective Economics major, should be praised for his earth-saving heroism. He will go down in history as the man who defied the social norms in order to put an end to the environmental problems ravaging the earth.

As Brookson approached the doors of Exley this morning, he decided to use the manual door, instead of the power-sucking automatic ones. The Wesleyan Sustainability Office had put signs on the doors asking students to use the less power consuming doors, but all had ignored it until Brookson braved the rightmost door on his way to his introductory Calculus lecture.

When asked for interview, Brookson said, “It’s the little things that count, people can turn lights off when exiting a room, or unplugging devices when they’re not being used.”

Thanks to Brookson’s bravery, he has singlehandedly saved the polar bears.

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