Bye Bye, Racism: This Guy Treats Everyone Like They’re White, Even When They Scare Him

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– Look out, racism, we have a new MLK Jr. on our hands. Carl Jameson, resident of the historically diverse (with a recent decline in diversity) Mission district of San Francisco, treats everyone like they’re white, even when they scare him.

“Usually when I’m walking down the street, I kinda like to put on a smile, have a skip in my step, and totally ignore everyone’s race, especially if they are black or brown,” says Jameson. “I just think it’s an easy way to treat everyone the same. Or, at least, treat everyone like they’re white or invisible.”

Jameson mostly hangs out with white people, and will occasionally give black people a slightly higher tip when he journeys through his favorite new cafés or smoothie shops. But, that doesn’t mean Jameson is all smiles.

“It makes me uncomfortable when my favorite place to grab a cup of joe is surrounded with such disparity, like a family owned market, or family owned bodega, or a family owned barbershop,” says Jameson. “They’re usually surrounded by bl-I mean-poor people. Poor people? I think I mean…underprivileged people. Yeah, underprivileged people. I wish they would all just go away, or, no, I mean, I wish they would all…feel better? I just like it when everyone feels comfortable, communally, and if that means more up-and-coming businesses that replace the older, dirtier ones, then fine by me.”

Whether Jameson likes to go to his gentrified brewery, or vintage clothing shop, he’s always good for a smile, I mean, as long as they don’t look “unfriendly” (not-white).

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