Every Day Halloween For That Creepy Goth Kid

MIDDLETOWN, CT — While most of us save our spooky cheer for the month of October, (and sometimes September), local creepy goth kid Jeremy Milskin ’19 seems to celebrate Halloween every day of the year, doing whatever weird things he does with his time.

“Jeremy wears black every day, even when it’s over 100 degrees out,” said Alyssa Nieman, ’20, who sits a few seats away from Milskin in Intro Psych. “He’s always muttering things to himself, and I’m pretty sure they’re satanic incantations.”

When we reached out to Milskin for comment, he only glared at us in silence. We then observed him sitting in a graveyard alone, moping somberly and composing what looked to be gothic poetry.

“He’s always been an old soul,” Milskin’s old high school teacher commented. “By that I mean I’m pretty sure he harvests the souls of old people, leaving them an empty husk of flesh.”

It’s unclear whether Milskin even knows that Halloween is approaching, but we could all learn from his festive enthusiasm!

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