High School Photo Offers Glimpse of Wes Student When They Were Normie

MIDDLETOWN, CT – While scrolling through Facebook one day, junior Rachel Zilsman ’21 found a surprising photo of their Wesleyan classmate, circa 2014. The photo in question, of fellow junior Jillian Warner ’21, showed a different side of Warner that Zilsman had never seen before.

“Her hair was long and dirty blonde….I didn’t even know that was her natural hair color,” Zilsman said in awe. “She didn’t even have a cartilage piercing back then, let alone twelve stick-n-pokes, most of which are ‘Twin Peaks’ references.”

Warner attended high school in St. Louis, where she played lacrosse for three years before renouncing sports and crossing over to the quiet side her freshman fall at Wes. When reached out to by the Groundhog team, Warner refused to acknowledge her normal, boring past.

“She’s very private about that side of her, even though she regularly posts nudes on her rinsta,” Zilsman commented.

Similar shocking discoveries have been made of sophomore Tyler Hirsch ’20, who had way shorter hair, and wore gym shorts unironically.

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