No One 100% Certain How to Pronounce ‘Aural Wes’

MIDDLETOWN, CT — At a Wednesday night meeting on the top floor of Allbritton, members of the student music blog ‘Aural Wes’ finally admitted they have no idea how to pronounce their publication’s namesake.

“I’ve always pronounced it ‘Oral’ Wes, although that doesn’t seem right,” said music blogger Anthony Sonman ’19. “I feel like I’m doing some kind of theater warm-up exercise.”

Other contributors to the publication assured that it’s actually “Hour-al” Wes, although none with complete confidence.

“Honestly, I just kind of slur my vowels and hope for the best,” Ezekiel Cohen ’20 said.

“There’s definitely two syllables….I’m pretty sure about that,” photographer Manuel Ugger said.

When asked whether they’d consider changing the name to something with pronounceable consonants, members only shrugged and said maybe they’d get to it next Wednesday.


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