Student Excited to be Lonely Somewhere Else for Two Weeks

MIDDLETOWN, CT – As midterms slowly come to a close, Sarah Goodkin ‘21 is reportedly excited to go home for two weeks, where she will be just as lonely as she is now. “Swapping out isolation at Olin for isolation at home sounds pretty good to me right about now,” Goodkin said when questioned. “You know, just to shake things up a bit.”

Goodkin’s plans for spring break include sitting in bed at home for about two weeks, with maybe doing the same on a couch sprinkled in there for variety. “I expect to go through just about everything I even kind of want to watch by the end of the first week, and then I’ll alternate between wishing I was with Wesleyan kids who had better break plans than me and wishing I was with my friends from home who had better break plans than me,” stated the freshman.

At crunch time Goodkin went back to eating her lunch as slowly as possible so she wouldn’t have to confront her lack of plans, desperately waiting for the day when she would get to go home and do more or less the same thing. “I’m just bored of being soul crushingly alone here, it’ll be nice to feel that way somewhere else for once.”

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