CSS Student Still Uneasy About That Blood Oath Major Application

MIDDLETOWN – Sam Glapton ’20 has been in the Wesleyan CSS program over a semester now, but he’s starting to have second thoughts about what he had to do to get in.

“I mean initially the aged scroll written in some kind of Latin-type language didn’t seem that weird. But now that my friends have been applying to their majors mainly through their e-portfolio, it’s definitely starting to feel fishy.”

Glapton recalled signing the parchment with a raven’s feather quill that pricked his finger upon touching it, leaving his virginal blood on the bottom of the document. According to Glapton, his blood took the form of his name and then disappeared.

“Since signing the application, a lot has changed,” Glapton told the Groundhog. “I no longer feel hunger for food of the human realm. I only swipe at Usdan to watch the chaos. My body is cold all of the time, and I’m pretty sure my heart has stopped beating. All of my classes are pass/fail though. So, it’s like definitely a give and take.”

Glapton has not been able to be seen at the Davison Health Center yet, but he has an appointment next semester.

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