Area Man Takes April Fools Joke A Little Too Far

JERUSALEM — On April 1st, it’s common for individuals to participate in light jests and pranks at each other’s expense for “April Fool’s Day.” One man, Jesus H. Christ, went above and beyond to fool an entire city, taking extreme and violent measures in an act that could only be devised by a madman.

“He disappeared for three days! Like Jesus Christ, we thought he was dead!” said John, a close friend of Christ’s.

Always one for dramatics, Christ had many of his loved ones worried sick after an elaborate ruse which involved crucifixion, angels, and a flagellation fetish. The entire city had been fooled, and many had gone into mourning. When Christ had returned, everyone felt a little silly, to say the least.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” said Thomas. “It was a pretty dick move, to be honest.”

Christ himself was not available for comment, but his friends had mentioned something about needing to visit his father for the holidays.

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