Man’s Best Friend Actually Jerry, Not Dogs

Move aside dogs, man has a new best friend, and his name is Jerry. Honestly, man and dogs have been drifting apart for a while now. It was a good run, but sometimes these things just happen. They really didn’t have anything in common. Double entendres about “bitches” can only sustain a friendship for so long.

Plus, Jerry has hella skills. Like he’s got apposable thumbs, and he’s way better at playing catch. Jerry is also super good at retrieving dead animals while hunting. Way better than dogs ever were. It’s also really cool because Jerry barely sheds.

It was apparently super awkward when Jerry and dogs met at man’s birthday party. But Jerry is a yellow belt so he wasn’t even scared. Dogs were chill about it though. Not as chill as Jerry, but that’s just because he’s like the biggest chiller.

Dogs have been seen hanging out with woman, but dogs told us they don’t want to really commit to anything right now.

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