Weird Vibes in Inside Room of Two Room Double Pregame

MIDDLETOWN, CT – Sources at a pregame in a West-Co two room double confirmed last night that the inside room really had weird vibes. According to eye-witness reports, the first main room of the dorm was really great, with tons of great people and fun music, but the inside room was really confusing. “Yeah, really couldn’t figure that inside room out. Went in for a second and then immediately had to leave,” says Bridget Holstein ‘21, who attended the pregame for an hour. “There wasn’t even music playing in that room. Just a couple kids sitting and whispering.”

Melissa Harris ‘20 had further evidence to offer in the classification of the vibes in that inside room as indeed weird. “I think it was full of smoke. Or maybe vape air or whatever, I don’t know. But it was definitely hard to see.” When asked if there was anything that she was able to distinctly make out through the haze, Harris mentioned that she thought she was able to discern a couple making out with way too much tongue. “And maybe there was even a kid reading a book? Definitely not normal vibes.”

We reached out  to Barry Gleeson ‘21, was hosting the pregame. “Yeah, my roommate was out of town for the weekend, so I don’t know who was even in there. I don’t think it was his friends.” His roommate, Leon Norris ‘21, is confirmed to have been visiting a friend at Tufts for the weekend, and thus it has been deemed that he cannot be held responsible for the strangeness of the vibes in his room. He notes that it was not in fact his friends who were in that room.

When questioned, it seemed that in fact no one in the first room of the pregame knew anyone in the inside room, and few had even seen those kids before. “I think one of them was in my Language of Hollywood class,” Holstein commented, “but I don’t know about that one with the crazy tattoo and the track suit. He was new to me. Kind of cute though.”

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