Sad, Boring Internship Offers Nice Taste of How Sad, Boring Life Will Be

NEW YORK, NY – A new study out recently shows that nearly all sad, boring internships provide college students with a nice little glimpse of what their sad, boring lives will be like after they graduate. According to the data, college interns go into their summer jobs excited for the new opportunity, but realize almost immediately that the internship is mostly underwhelming and tedious, which is really pretty similar to what the rest of life might be like, unfortunately.

At crunch time, interns were hard pressed to say anything about their experiences other than “constructive” and “I’m really good at making copies” when asked about their time spent in a tiny cubicle doing what they probably would be doing for the rest of their life, making only slightly less money than they would for the rest of their life, which is a nice learning experience, maybe.

Interestingly, the study’s findings show that the internships students were most excited for turn out to be the most painful, as there is the most contrast between expectation and reality, a pretty good sample of what all of living is like, really. Cool and sexy internships at record labels, production companies, and literary agencies all soon reveal themselves to be dull desk jobs with a lot of monotony, which is honestly a pretty great sampler for what everything will be like all too soon.

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