Communism, Capitalism Caught Making Out on Dance Floor

MIDDLETOWN, CT — Halloweekend has always been a chance for Wesleyan students to show off their ability to make pithy social commentary while still dressing sluttily. Concept costumes like “Liberal Snowflake,” “Me From the Future,” and “Cuffing Season” are a few of the most popular examples, but sometimes these quirky costumes have ironic, unintended consequences. Saturday night, Communism and Capitalism were found DFMO-ing (Dance Floor Making Out) in Movement House.

“It looks like the Cold War is heating up,” spectator Killian Frank ’21 said.

Although some claim that the two cannot coexist in harmony, the dance floor on that fateful night proved otherwise. The two political ideologies were really finding common ground, grasping for all sorts of straws and body parts to come to some ideological union.

“This reminds me of that time I saw a Bernie bro call his mom to refill his points plan….in September,” another partygoer Jane Brer ’22 said.

Although Halloweekend allows for the impossible to briefly become possible, the next morning, the spell will wear off, and the two star-crossed lovers will likely never speak again.

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